Frequently asked questions

Where are you based and how can I get my clothes to you?

We are based in Pretoria, but have recieved clothes from all over South Africa. Clothes can either be delivered to us via a postal service or a day can be arranged to meet so we can collec the clothes.

Do you do deliveries to Johannesburg?

Yes we do! We do deliveries all over SA, go check out our shipping options and infortmation page.

Can only females sell their clothes through you guys?

No, this business is open to anyone that wants to buy or sell their second hand clothes.

What happens if the clothing doesn't fit?

Unfortunately we do not do returns or refunds, but you can resell them through us. If you are in our immediate area, youa re also more than welcome to come and try items on!

Do you only sell clothing?

We sell clothing, shoes and fashion accesories

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